About Faithy Kure

Faith Akumzyi Kure also known as Faithy Kure is a Nigeria gospel singer/songwriter hailing from Abuja, the Federal capital of Nigeria.  She is from the Gbagyi tribe, born to the family of Rev Wumayi Kure. 

 Faithy is a song writer and singer who started her musical career early in life as a chorister in her church and has been motivated by her determination to impact others’ lives with her gift of music. 

For the past five years, Faithy has honed her skills and talent and her musical maturity is evident in her 2015 release “Yesu Nu Zhinzoko” which gained critical acclaim regionally in Northern Nigeria.  The success of that release led to her indigenous recording titled “Wolanyikwobwa (Love Is Found).

Faithy Kure is known for her energetic ability to make you worship God with her sultry voice and heartfelt lyrics.  She is graduate from the Nasarawa State University with a degree in Geography.

Faithy Kure is ready and determined to bring joy and peace to people all over the world through inspirational songs.  Her new release, “Jehovah Take Me Higher” is her international debut and was produced by Mr. Sheks.